Frequently asked questions……answered!

  • What is a Santa Scramble?

Basically it just means that instead of running (or walking) on roads some sections of the route are over fields and tracks as well as country lanes, dressed as Santa obviously.

  • Can anyone enter the 5K(ish Scramble?

In short, yes. However if you are under 11 years of age on the 1stSeptember 2019 you will require an adult to accompany you at all times.  Also, as with all entrants for the 5K(ish) route you must be able to complete the route in under two hours.

  • Can anyone enter the 1K Mini Santa Scramble?

If you are younger than 11 years of age on the 1stSeptember 2019 then this event is for you.

  • I am under 18 years old, do I have to persuade an adult to accompany me on the Santa Scramble?

It depends!  If you are 11 years old or over on the 1st September 2019 you can enter without needing a supervising adult, although it’s always good to thrash your older relatives around a course so get them to enter anyway! However if you are under 11 years of age on the 1stSeptember 2019 then you must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • My child is quite nervous about running on their own, can I run with them in the Mini Santa Scramble?

Yes you absolutely can run with them and all we ask is that in the spirit of Christmas you wear festive dress too.  It doesn’t have to be a Santa suit, but for £5 you can buy one from us at the same time as registering your child/children. It is worth saying that at all times the children are in sight, although lots of small people all dressed the same might make it difficult to spot the one(s) belonging to you.

  • Do I have to enter before the event on 15th December?

We cannot guarantee a suit will be available if you come to enter on the day, no suit, no place, so to avoid disappointment we would strongly suggest you enter either the Santa Scramble or Mini Santa Scramble before online entries close. It may well be possible for the Elves to take late entries after this date but check the website for info if the deadline has passed. We should also point out that if the event reaches capacity then you’ll have to wait until next year to participate.

  • Do I need to train for the event?

No, it’s a fun event but we do say that you should be comfortable walking the distance and that you feel well on the day and can complete the 5k(ish) route within the allocated two hours.

  • Do I pay extra for the Santa suit?

No, the Santa suit is included in your entry fee and the suit is yours to take away and wear again whenever the urge takes you….like on the 25ThDecember for example.

  • Where do I collect my suit from?

Your suit and race number will be available to collect from the main reception at Chew Valley School between 08:45 – 4pm from Monday 9th December until Friday 13th December . We would suggest, for your own sanity, that you avoid trying to park at the school at 3:15pm when school finishes. Alternatively you can collect your suit and race number from the Event HQ (in the Leisure Centre sports Hall) on the morning of the 15th December.

  • Do I have to wear the Santa suit?

Yes you do!  It’s called a Santa scramble and you can’t do a Santa Scramble if you aren’t Santa. If you are running with your child in the mini Santa Scramble then we ask for festive dress but read our answer under question 4 for further guidance. We would advise that you don’t wear you most precious trainers, depending on your speed (and the weather) you may even opt for wellies!

  • My Santa suit doesn’t fit, what should I do?

The Santa suits come in three sizes so we realise that for almost everyone the suit won’t be a tailored fit, if in doubt size up.  If it’s too big then get a pair of scissors and cut the fabric to a better size.  The material doesn’t fray so no sewing skills are required. If your suit is too small we may be able to swap it, however we will have limited sizes available.  Bring your existing suit to Race HQ on the morning and the elves will do their very best to help you out. And we should add here that you are very welcome to add your own touches of Christmas sparkle to your suit to stand out from the crowd!

  • Are there changing facilities and car parking at the event?

Yes, there is car parking, changing rooms, showers and toilets at the event HQ (BS40 8QB) but we would suggest you arrive at the event already dressed as Santa as space will be tight if everyone is getting changed at the same time.  And, let’s face it, anyone seeing you driving past is going to be more than a little curious at your attire! If it is possible to lift share this would be terrifically helpful as car parking space on the school site is limited.

  • Will there be somewhere safe I can leave my belongings?

Yes, we have elves on hand to provide a baggage store, but please be sensible about how large your kit bag is and bear in mind that whilst we will ensure the security of the baggage store we cannot be held responsible for damage, theft or loss to personal items left there.

  • Can my dog come too?

The simple answer is yes if you are running the 5K (ish) route but on a short lead at all times and we will ask you to start at the back to avoid the dog being a trip hazard.  Please remember that the route is by kind permission of local farmers and landowners and you must clear up after your dog immediately. There will be bins dotted around the route for dog waste to be disposed in, please use them.

  • Is the mini Santa scramble suitable for pushchairs?

Yes, but the route is all on grass and small wheeled pushchairs could find the going very soft.

  • Is it chip timed?

Nah.  It’s fun. If you want to know your time then please record it yourself.

  • Will I have to find my way around the course?

No, we estimate about 40 marshals will be working on the 5k ish route and the 1k mini Santa Scramble will also be marshalled and is contained within a running track with the children in view at all times.

  • Why does it say 5k (ish)?

Ah, well, much like Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve is dependent on the prevailing winds and levels of fog so our route is dependent on the weather conditions in the week before the event as well as on the day.  We don’t want anyone slogging through feet of snow (or mud!) or water and so we have a few options to ensure that, whilst your feet may get wet and your suit a bit muddy, you’ll still be smiling at the Finish.

  • I can’t run but have entered, can I get a refund?

We can’t provide a refund but with sufficient notice it should be possible to pass on your entry to a friend so please send us an email to email@chewvalleysantascramble.co.uk.(There is more detailed info about this on our terms and conditions page)

  • Are there refreshments at the event?

Yes.  The School Society will be serving, hot drinks, bacon butties, mulled wine, mince pies, cakes etc. You’ll have worked up an appetite and there will be plenty available to satisfy it.  We’ll also have a photographer there to capture you in all your Santa glory, so if you’re struggling to think of a gift for Grandma you need worry no more!

  • I would like to marshal, who do I contact?

Please send an email to email@chewvalleysantascramble.co.uk with contact details and we’ll get in touch.